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Kurt Penberg - Choose the right Gift for your kid

Kurt Penberg - Choose the right Gift for your kid - Kids have a special place for themselves in our hearts. Parents and adults always strive to make the childhood of their kid special and lay a strong foundation for a secure future. Upbringing of kids remains the most important aspect for any parent and their education remains the topmost priority. In addition, a kid love being pampered with gifts and presents that appeal to them and it is constant struggle for parents to appease their kids with the right kinds of presents. However, parents these days are looking for gifts which can add also help educate their kids in an informal manner. That takes away the pressure of classrooms from the kids and arouses their interest in learning. Kurt Penberg has literally brought about a mini revolution in the kids’ gifts market by replacing the age old soft toys other perishable gifts, with his own range of personalized gifts and items. These gifts are not only aimed at entertaining the kids, but also ensure that they learn something in the process, while having fun.

Kurt Penberg has introduced and exclusive range of personalized kids’ products, which cater to the most intrinsic needs of growing-up kid. These new personalized gifts have found instant and immense popularity across the United States among enthusiastic parents. Kurt Penberg ensures that the gifts offered suit each individual child’s age, personality and also the aptitude. The idea is to teach the kids without forcing them to learn. Kurt Penberg terms this new phenomenon as Edutainment, where the lines between education and entertainment are blurred to give the child and edge over others. Parents can choose from a wide range of Edutainment mediums to educate and please their child at the same time. Some of the available mediums include Games, Books, Music CDs and DVDs, Hobbies among many others. If a child finds something valuable in a gift or something he could learn from, it is sure to put a broad smile to his face. The times of soft toys and meaningless gifts are over and even kids these days looking for something smart. Kurt Penberg has effectively addressed this issue by offering his diverse range of personalized gifts and presents.

Knowing a child’s specific interest and inclination helps parents nurture the particular talent, helping the child to excel in the field later. For this purpose, leisure kits by Kurt Penberg are gaining prominence in the entireUnited States, as they target specific interests of the child. Not only do these kits allow the kid to leisure, they also help in monitoring the child’s creativity and interest. In addition, music can act as a perfect stress buster as well as a learning experience. Learning alphabets of a language is a struggle, every kid has to go through during the childhood. Through personalized music CDs a kid can be taught six different languages without the compulsions of textbook memorizing. Similarly, books with interesting caricatures, pictures and interesting fonts find favor with kids and aids their reading and learning capability. you can also like kurt penberg facebook page for more updates

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Kurt Penberg 5 amazing personalized gift for football Crazy kids In United States at world cup 2014

Good News for football crazy fan because countdown has begun very less day has left to start The FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil it's time for United States, Brazil. We are known millions of crazy fan waiting for start this world football completion and we excited to support favorite team with personalized t-shirt bottle and other thing, but these are very traditional way to support to favorite team, but this genius person kurt penberg developed five amazing gift to cheers and support our favorite team, kur penberg developed especially for football crazy kids

Kurt Penberg's Five amazing personalized gift for football crazy kids are:

1. Penalized favorite team song with Your Name 

Amazing news for football crazy fan kids they can add his name with favorite team song with kurt penberg's gift and came in lamplight with kurt penberg's gift, when a kid's play the song, it will run along with the name of kids it seems personalized song, we know that kids like show to off his friends and get feel happy that will happen in this world cup 2014 Brazil

fifa world cup 2014

2. personalized Musical tag for favorite footballer

Kids are very innocent in United States football is favorite game in kids and  kids has favorite player, I'm sure they want to support with his wish and writing in paper and Facebook its very traditional method with the kurt penberg's five gift they can support to favorite football star with his musical wishes, The FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil there are many footballer favoritism Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel messy, Eric Coupon Mooting, homes Muller

3. Adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 World Cup Official Match Soccer Ball

world cup Once every four years, adidas creates a ball valuable of the world champions. This is adidas’ Brazuca, the official ball for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Designed for never-before-seen power, swerve and control - the Brazuca is a premium match ball with high-end materials in the cover, backing and bladder to ensure perfect on-field performance. It uses a groundbreaking six-panel design, which improves symmetry, uniformity and efficiency. Named Brazuca back in September 2012 following a public vote in Brazil, "Brazuca" is an informal local term which means "Brazilian", or representing the Brazilian way of life.

4. Kurt Penberg Online store 

Kurt Penberg Online store has everything you need to get the crowd cheering! Kurt Penberg Online store Spirit items are custom imprinted with your favorite football Team Logo/Name and/or Mascot and in your favorite t-shirt Colors. And have the most successful Fundraisers ever with Best Selling ideas that will not be found anywhere else because they will all have your unique team logo!

5.  Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Wall Chart Poster

Immerse yourself in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, with this wall chart poster. A must have for your home as it features the complete list of team groups & fixtures so that you can plot the tournament all the way to the final. So from June 12th track your chosen team from the group stages to the knock-out stages, from the quarter-finals through to the semi-finals and then onto the heart stopping final match on 13th July. Whoever you are cheering on, invest in this brilliant piece of memorabilia and record the events of the 2014 World Cup.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Gift Your Parents the Best Memories for Future on This Parent’s Day

The most important person in a kid’s life is their parents. Parents are the one who spend all their lives in taking care of their kids. They spend day and night for giving them a more comfortable life. The fathers work hard in the office to give all the luxuries of life to their kids and the mothers make all effort to nourish their kids and to protect them for the hardship of the world. It’s them who teach the first lesson of life. But what they get in return? Of course we love our parents but we don’t show it often. Parenting is a job which can never be paid enough. Only love can make their job worthy. Parent’s day is an opportunity for every kid to express their love and affection towards their parents.

Parent’s day is not a federal holiday but it is celebrated on fourth Sunday of July so, it becomes a holiday naturally. Parents and their children can enjoy the day and express their deep feeling and emotions towards each other. A gift can help you make your parents and will make the parent’s day memorable.
But what should you gift for your parents?  The gift can be anything but it should convey your gratitude towards your parents. It should be something which your parents love and will become happy to have it.
You can gift a nice holiday to your parents or can gift them those items which they wanted to have in their life but the busy schedule or tight budget did not allow. A couple watches or a picnic at some great holiday spot will make their day.

If you are a kid and want to surprise your parents on parent’s day then a personalized gift will help you.  You can buy a personalized gift from anywhere. You can shop online or you can buy it from shopping malls. There is a great variety in personalized gift items too. A personalized coffee mug or pair of T-shirt is the most common personalized gift. If you want to do something different you can gift them a book in which you can add photographs of you and your parents together and can write message before each photo.
If you are looking for some more interesting thing then you should go for the Kurt Penberg’s personalized gift items.  Kurt Penberg Recently launched Tiny Twin 3D dolls can be a good option. You can print the photos of both your parents and you separately and prepare a Tiny Twin doll for each one. It will be the most emotion gift from you to your parents and your parents will never forget it.

To add more drama and fun to your gift, you can also gift a face-in- movie DVD to your parents. You can make your mom look like a princess and your dad look like a prince in the movie. These movie DVDs are available in the Kurt Penberg’s store and you can buy it both online and offline. Make your parent’s day with a personalized gift and make them the happiest parents of the world.

Parent’s day is coming soon. What are your plans for this occasion? If you have not planned anything till now, start planning now and give them the best memories of parent’s day.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mother’s Day special By Kurt Penberg – Gifting Trends for 2014

Mother’s Day special By Kurt Penberg – Gifting Trends for 2014

As an American, I don’t get exposed to too much Mother’s Day propaganda but just the other day I saw a post that talked about the ‘Most Difficult Job in the World’. They conducted mock interviews with 5 candidates and interviewed them for this job. It was called ‘Operations Manager’ for the lack of a better word, and it entailed standing, bending, running, chasing, basically being on the job, on your feet for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without a break. During the festive season, the job quadrupled the workload. No one agreed to do it. And yet, everyday billions of women across the world do the same job, thanklessly and happily. They are called Mothers.And if there were a way to make the job more difficult, it would definitely be given to American Mothers.

Did you know 70% of people put off buying a gift for their mom until the last week before Mother’s Day. Why is that? My guess is that by the time they remember Mother’s Day is coming up, they just don’t know WHAT to buy at such short notice! That’s why the highest density of ‘Mothers Day’ searches in United States go ‘When is Mother’s Day?’ Sound Familiar? Well, here’s the answer – its 11th May 2014. Not to worry, here’s a lowdown on what happened last Mother’s Day to make it easier to buy a gift for your Mother. Thousands of people across the world, including United States Kurt Penberg send gifts to their moms. The chart below gives a nice picture of what Indian Moms tend to receive from children in United States and scattered across the globe.

Personalized Gifts were all the rage in 2013, but surprisingly it’s not the photo gifts that trump the category, its message gifts. Mugs, Wall Hangings, Decorative Items with textual messages like ‘I Love My Mom’ or ‘My Mom’s the Greatest!’. This year this space is again flush with more messages on off-beat items like Crystal, Resin, Wooden Carving, Bandhanwars etc. Go ahead, knock yourself out. It’s an item that moms are sure to love.
American mums love their decorative gifts. Yours too? Here’s a tip - try buying something utilitarian which will remind her of you every time she uses it. Jewelry Boxes, Key Holders, Book Rests, Clocks, Photo Frames,& all manner of Home Textiles top the list. A gem studded hand mirror, or a Bastar Arts premium jewelry box, there are plenty of options in the utility segment which are beautiful, elegant and so perfect for the perfect mom. For smart art enthusiasts, paintings, photographs, sketches, and premium art forms like tribals arts are great ‘value gifts’. As are plush, handwoven Zardozi wall carpets.

Although the very traditional pure cotton Kota Doria sarees are top trends in clothing gifts from last year, this year you could try out other pure cotton weaves like Stoles, Skirts and the like. Go American, but with a modern twist. Mothers in USA today are experimenting more with their wardrobes and palettes than ever before. And who will encourage them except their children? Bright jewel colors are the rage, especially for the older, more elegant gang.

Diamond companies in India have hopped on to the Mother’s Day bandwagon also, so today you have a lot of options in Diamond Jewelry to fit any budget. Semi-Precious jewelry like Sterling Silver, CZ Jewelry & Pearl Jewelry are also popular as Mother’s Day gifts. Pearl watches have been a popular related gifting trend from 2013. This year, there’s a new range of Pearl Clutches & Handbags that are sure to take her breath away. For an alternative to CZ jewelry, try crystal, it lends itself better to modern designs and traditional jewelry alike.

Whatever you send your mother as a gift, be sure to add flowers to it. One, its traditional to treat your mother to Mother’s Day Flowers & Cake in addition to the gift. Second it’s a celebration after all, and what celebration is complete without something sweet? Chocolates & Dry Fruits are all add-ons that mothers enjoy. And if she cannot or will not eat sweet, there’s a whole range of sugar free goodies  available as add-ons as well. More than half of Mother’s Day gifts contain flowers or other add-ons in addition to the gift. In fact, for those of us who are perpetually in a hurry, there’s a whole array of hampers that contain everything together in one package.

Average budgets range from 10$ to 50$. For an item of clothing or Jewelry, you can expect to budget at least 30$. For those looking for a gift for less than 30$ check out the gift catalogues in Home D├ęcor & Personalized Gifts. Worship items lie somewhere in the middle ranges with average budgets of 50$ & above.

For lower & higher budgets & zanier tastes, there is a variety of gifts available ranging from Cosmetics to Fang Shui tokens to Home Electronics. There are deals on special Mother’s Day gift sites as well. You are sure to find something that suits your budget and your moms tastes online, and you can manage quicker, on time delivery. So what are you waiting for? Log on now, only few days to go! For More information visit: Kurt Penberg Blog

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Express your love with personalized gifts – Kurt Penberg

Love is an emotion that dwells in every heart. It is the very basic need and want of every one. We love our peoples and friends but ironically we don’t express it. There can be two reasons behind this either we do not feel any need to show our love and concern taking into account that our beloved knows that we love them or we do not know how to express our love and care to them. Whatever the reason is it cannot be excused. To bring trust in any relationship, love and communication is very necessary. For those who do not know how to express their love, Kurt Penberg has a brilliant idea that is the idea of gifting. Everybody loves gifts. One can show their intense love and care for their loved ones by gifting them something extraordinary.

Regular gifts like a watch or a game or a dress can make your beloved happy but it if you want to see a big broad smile on their faces you have to think out of the box. But do you have the time to think all days and nights to think for something out of the world. You might be lucky to have a brilliant idea handy but not everyone is that lucky. In that case you have to find a personalized gift. A personalized gift gives the feeling of being special. Your loved ones will surely love a personalized gift. You can choose anything from a series of innovative personalized gifts introduced by Kurt Penberg.

Kurt Penberg introduced a number of personalized gifts for kids. You can express your love to your kids by gifting them a music CD or DVD. These DVDs and CDs have names of kids on it. It helps your kids to learn their A B C and 1 2 3. It also sings your kids name which make them more than happy. They will enjoy the music and you will enjoy their learning. You can also gift them story books. Story books CDs tells stories to your kids and make them learn difficult history lessons with fun. You can easily find these products in shopping malls and at online stores.

Kurt Penberg also introduced alarm clocks, Face-in-movie DVDs, posters, poems and stuffed animals. You can gift your child a beautiful and melodious morning by gifting them alarm clocks which sings kids’ names. If your kids love their bedroom full with beautiful pictures then a personalized poster will help you bring smile on your little kid’s face. They can show these posters to their friends too. One of the most amazing products of Kurt Penberg which is my favorite too is Face-in-movie DVD. Let your child watch him in the movie which he loves. Let him watch himself playing, singing, dancing, fighting and acting in a movie. Make your little princess feel like a princess. Gifts are the most easy and expressive way to show your love to your child. Make their childhood more beautiful with these amazing products.

Personalization makes your gifts more expressive. It shows how deeply you love your loved ones and how much you care for them. Make your loved ones happy with Kurt Penberg’s personalized gifts and your warm smile. For more information visit:

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Kurt Penberg - Sing Your Name Launches 3D Tiny Twin Dolls Worldwide

Kurt Penberg - Sing Your Name Launches 3D Tiny Twin Dolls Worldwide (via PRWeb)
Fastest Selling product 3D Tiny Twin of Sing Your Name released globally for distributors. Attractive offers for distributors were also launched. San Francisco based Sing Your Name announced the launch of its unique and creative 3D Tiny Twin dolls worldwide…

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Kurt Penberg - Fun and educational Holiday Gifts for kids

Kurt Penberg - Fun and educational Holiday Gifts for kids

If you are looking for kids gifts for the holidays or other special occasion, like a birthday, you may want to give something that is both fun and educational. While many things marketed towards children provide some educational potential bias some offer an opportunity for learning than others. Choosing the right game or toy to suit the child's age, aptitude and personality are also key.


Games of various kinds can be a fun gift, the educational children. Board games that fit your age group can provide different learning experiences for different ages. For young children it can be a matter of learning simple things like taking turns, counting and learning the rules itself is a good mental exercise. For older children can encourage problem solving and critical thinking skills. They also provide a fun way for the whole family to spend time together.

Computer games or console can sometimes get bad press, but may also provide similar educational opportunities. It is true that some games will be much better than others in this area, but if you learn a little about the games before you buy them you can tell the difference.


Leisure Kits can help specific interests. They can provide a great way to teach children to focus and concentrate on that interest. This can be especially good for some children. Kurt Penberg Methods can also help improve motor skills and encourage creativity.


Books have long been a good choice and perhaps more obvious as an educational gift and will be a good option. This is not the best choice for all children if you are looking for a fun gift too , but many children really enjoy escaping into a good book . Popular series like Harry Potter or classics like The Velveteen Rabbit show kids that reading can actually be a lot of fun . Not only is reading fun , but can also help strengthen their language skills.


The gift of music can be fun and educational. For younger guests their songs to help them learn the alphabet or learning to count while they are having fun singing along. Better yet giving an instrument and lessons may encourage an interest in playing music that can have a lifelong impact. There are a variety of fun and educational ideas for children gift for children of all ages and options in every price range. All you have to do is look around. For more information visit: Kurt Penberg.

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Kurt Penberg - A Parent’s Guide to Kid Edutainment and Personalization

With the advent of technology and its reach in every household, the life of every kid has changed too. While they are becoming adept to computing, there are many distractions which keep them away from real-world education. However, the launch of several edutainment and personalized websites has made learning for kids incredibly easy. Utilizing the computing techniques and personalization of traditional study materials, these portals induce a positive learning environment in kids.

Schools and mentors from across the world have started to advocate this new-age trend but the concept of edutainment is nothing new. Kurt Penberg has already seen location-based learning wherein students were taken to zoo, aquariums and field trips to get acquainted with nature and animals.

It has been now established in various researches that learning is effective when visually accompanied and aided. Apart from edutainment, the world of personalization is also taking kids’ learning world by storm. The interactive CD story books, personalized alarm clocks, personalized children music and personalized children gifts engage kids and involve them proactively. Since kids get excited and feel good that their name is in the story, they never lose their interest and feel happy about it. The personalization industry has given altogether a new dimension to learning through fun. While leisure serves no purpose other than recuperation and recreation, leisure and learning when combined, create synergy and interest.

Additionally, the kids never realize that they are learning in the process. When a personalized alarm clock sings a kid’s name to wake him up, little does he have time to notice that a habit of early rising is being developed in him. 

However, it has been observed that parents tend to either refuse to acknowledge the entire concept of edutainment or make it a complex notion which rather than simplifying learning for kids, confuse them.  There have been plenty of CDs and DVDs available in the market or at online portals in the name of learning through fun. The CDs would have abstract concept and mediated reality too difficult and dull to grasp for a kid. This also poses a serious question that why learning through fun should be limited to a computer screen? Why cannot it be personalized children music or personalized songs for kids, which they can hum along and learn?

Parents need to understand that learning is a fundamental part of childhood and it can be either negative or positive. According to a research, learning of kids starts from their fetus stage and whatever comes afterwards in their growing age influence the development of kids strongly. Kids are very impressionable. If their first impression of the study or computing comes across as dull or boring, they are going to shy away from education all their lives.

So, it is very important that parents and mentors provide them with right and age-appropriate as well as kid-friendly personalized children music and products. So, it is up to the parents to decide what face of edutainment they want to present to their kids and to which extent.  They can enhance the creative skills and technical knowledge of kids by offering them personalized children gifts or choose to take a step back with action-oriented video games or giving them a traditional toy and study material.

It is prime most for parents and teachers to involve kids in the learning and develop individuality as well as creativity in them. Choosing right edutainment partner and tools are significant. These can help create a strong base for not only pre-school but also in the years to come. 

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Kurt Penberg - Sing Your Name Launches 3D Tiny Twin Dolls Worldwide

After getting critical acclaim and success with interactive CD’s, DVDs and personalized products, Sing Your Name has announced its plans to launch its fastest selling product Tiny Twin 3D dolls to the world market. Moreover, the CEO of company-Kurt Penberg also revealed how the product mix of company is creating new opportunities for distributors and facilitating an inducing environment for kids to learn while having fun.
Hailed as a pioneer in edutainment and personalized children gifts, Sing Your Names latest product has been a blockbuster back home. Apt for both adults and kids, Tiny Twin dolls can be made in minutes. A photograph, 3D mould, printer and these are good to go! It is to be noted that the necessary materials such as 3D mould and heating machine are supplied by the company with the orders.

The Tiny Twin dolls are a clever and intuitive blend of personalization and new-age computing techniques. A nice and creative twist in the doll story, Tiny Twin dolls are an ideal gift and keepsake for all age groups irrespective of the gender. Featuring a vast range of size, colors and themes, the collection is affordable, collect able and innovative. Designed to be a wonderful gift for kids and adults, the face moulds lend these dolls a highly personalized quotient making it a memorable gift to cherish forever. Having a repeat and profit value for distributors, the target audience of this product is wide and includes all.

Tiny Twin Dolls are capable to give distributors year-round business with usual peaks on special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, graduation ceremonies, Halloween and Valentines, said Sing Your Name CEO, Kurt Penberg. Distributors can cash on the local occasions and enhance their business through the product.

Additionally, Sing Your Name Gold package was also launched for the chosen distributors to facilitate them to have a recession-proof business advantage and help them in mass-marketing with the help of company. Along with this Tiny Twin Bumper package is also being offered to a select few to help budding entrepreneurs start their business from day 1. It includes Tiny Twin dolls, mould, heating machines as well as interactive and personalized Sing My Name music CD burns, DVD burns and story book burns.
Apart from this, personalized children music products and edutainment initiatives were detailed too. Kid-appropriate and kid-friendly, the product catalogue of Sing Your Name is extensive and complete value for money.

The product portfolio of Sing Your Name boasts of personalized children music CD of 12 professionally written and recorded songs, stuffed toys, personalized alarm clocks, printed products, Care Bear music collection, Marvel superhero collection, Barney and Bob the builder music CDs.
About the company

Once started with a single cart of 85 titles, kurt penberg now has a full-fledged product lineup designed exclusively for kids. It is the brainchild of Kurt Penberg and has successfully fulfilled the need of sensible and kids-appropriate entertainment for kids. It is located in California and has Small Business Opportunities around the world. The product portfolio comprises 11 non-licensed Personalized Children Music albums, 4 non-licensed story books and products in different languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.

Under the helm of able leadership and mastermind, the company is delivering new personalized products especially engineered and crafted for kids of all age-groups.

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Let’s Make Learning Fun with Kurt Penberg and Sing Your Name

Let’s Make Learning Fun with Kurt Penberg and Sing Your Name

When the concept of providing fun-education for kids was in its nascent stage, Kurt Penberg had already launched his own version of providing learning for them in a really unconventional yet stronger way.  

Based on the idea that kids’ learning should be fun, kids-appropriate and not cumbersome, Kurt Penberg developed personalized children music, interactive CD story books, personalized poems and growth charts.
What started as a single cart and with only 850 different names has now evolved to be a revolutionary concept in kids’ education and entertainment in the form of Sing Your Name. The largest-ever assortment of personalized children gifts and music is just a few clicks away here.

In personalized children gifts, you get world’s very first and only singing alarm clock that would wake your kid by singing his name! This list of firsts also includes personalized printed products and sing- my- name stuffed animals. 

 You can also browse through for the exclusive portfolio of personalized Marvel Superheroes, Barney & Bob the builder and Care Bear music collection.  The personalized songs and story books for kids are available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish language.  Support for Arabic language is underway. 

The interactive story CDs would tell a story referring to your kids’ name and there won’t be any kid who would not be pleased and happy to hear his name in poems and songs! Moreover, these personalized children gifts give kids a sense of belongingness and teach them to value stuff. 

Kids are very impressionable. You would not want to ruin their innocence through action-packed games or turn them away from education due to traditional and dull education system. So, why not let them give this wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge while having fun and without realizing that they are actually learning through the entire process. From alphabets to numbers and rhymes, let them excel in everything through personalized songs designed and meant for kids. The music of CDs is soft against ears, sensible and kid-friendly. 

Sing Your Name is an opportunity to give your kids a wonderful start with computing too. Rather than letting your kids hooked on to the internet for random picks, you can give the technology a new meaning altogether with the interactive and educating CDs and DVDs.  

Give your kids’ elementary school preparation right away with personalized children gifts available here.  The world of joyful learning waits for your kid at Sing Your Name. Whether you are looking for a gift for your kid or your relative’s, do not look beyond than this. An ideal place to find fun, joy and happiness for your kid and ensure that they never lose their interest in study! After all, well begun is half done! 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Kurt Penberg’s modified Music CD!

There are so many parents out there fascinated in provided that some of the most attractive gifts for their kids, that companies like Sing Your Name were enormously welcomed. The modified songs amuse children in the most gorgeous way probable, allowing horizons to build up and the thoughts to overcome all obtainable boundaries. All these things have been made feasible with the adapted music CDs provided by Kurt Penberg.
Sure, there are many places where you can acquire custom-made gifts from but not all of them are as exclusive and delicate as those afford by Kids Juke Box. They even have special tailored alarm clocks and other products There are so many cool things online, on the website of Sing your Name that your kid will absolutely feel pleased as the gifts expected. You just take your time and see what precise gifts your child would benefit from the most.
The variety of the products existing by Kids Juke Box is unbelievable and every day surprises keep on appearing. In fact, you can try all of their products as you will certainly be overwhelmed in your turn by the look your daughter or son gives to you. By purchase beautiful and considerate gifts, your child will learn one of the most important lessons in life, meaning that you always take care after the ones you love.
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Kurt Penberg – Thrilling Personalized Products for Kids

In modern context, there are so many enticing entertainment measures for kids. Some of them like to watch television, and some others are addicted to video games. In such a situation, it is hard to attract kids towards pure form of music. There came the idea for Kurt Penberg. He understood the importance of making personalized products so that kids can get attracted to those. The idea was there for long, but took some time for him to materialize his dream. Finally, he formed a company named Kids Juke Box. The company manufactured some personalized music CDs at the beginning. Eventually, it became a hit in the market and the company of Kurt expended its ventures in the long run.

Initially the company came out with few music CDs with around 800 names of kids. In most of the cases, parents can find some CDs which are personalized after the names of their kids. These CDs are great source of entertainment for them and for their kids. They can listen to names of their kids in between music. Every time kids listen to their names, they get enchanted with the experience. By the year 2003 the company produced 13 CDs with names of 2000 names. It is a great achievement for Kurt Penberg who is now in mission to make personalized CDs in several languages.

Music CDs are not the only product for the company. On the contrary, Kurt Penberg thinks that a personalized product not only can entertain kids to large extent, but it also can educate them largely. They can easily memorize stories with the help of personalized CDs. The kids Juke Box is the pioneering company to make such personalized products for kids. At the moment the company has products in some of the major languages like English, French, German and others. But the company wants to manufacture several personalized products in several other languages as well.
the company is in mission to create several other types of personalized products. Till now, the company produced several personalized CDs on story books. Five popular story books have been personalized still now and they are already very popular among kids throughout the world.

For more information visit: kurt penberg