Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kurt Penberg – Thrilling Personalized Products for Kids

In modern context, there are so many enticing entertainment measures for kids. Some of them like to watch television, and some others are addicted to video games. In such a situation, it is hard to attract kids towards pure form of music. There came the idea for Kurt Penberg. He understood the importance of making personalized products so that kids can get attracted to those. The idea was there for long, but took some time for him to materialize his dream. Finally, he formed a company named Kids Juke Box. The company manufactured some personalized music CDs at the beginning. Eventually, it became a hit in the market and the company of Kurt expended its ventures in the long run.

Initially the company came out with few music CDs with around 800 names of kids. In most of the cases, parents can find some CDs which are personalized after the names of their kids. These CDs are great source of entertainment for them and for their kids. They can listen to names of their kids in between music. Every time kids listen to their names, they get enchanted with the experience. By the year 2003 the company produced 13 CDs with names of 2000 names. It is a great achievement for Kurt Penberg who is now in mission to make personalized CDs in several languages.

Music CDs are not the only product for the company. On the contrary, Kurt Penberg thinks that a personalized product not only can entertain kids to large extent, but it also can educate them largely. They can easily memorize stories with the help of personalized CDs. The kids Juke Box is the pioneering company to make such personalized products for kids. At the moment the company has products in some of the major languages like English, French, German and others. But the company wants to manufacture several personalized products in several other languages as well.
the company is in mission to create several other types of personalized products. Till now, the company produced several personalized CDs on story books. Five popular story books have been personalized still now and they are already very popular among kids throughout the world.

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