Monday, 24 March 2014

Kurt Penberg - Sing Your Name Launches 3D Tiny Twin Dolls Worldwide

After getting critical acclaim and success with interactive CD’s, DVDs and personalized products, Sing Your Name has announced its plans to launch its fastest selling product Tiny Twin 3D dolls to the world market. Moreover, the CEO of company-Kurt Penberg also revealed how the product mix of company is creating new opportunities for distributors and facilitating an inducing environment for kids to learn while having fun.
Hailed as a pioneer in edutainment and personalized children gifts, Sing Your Names latest product has been a blockbuster back home. Apt for both adults and kids, Tiny Twin dolls can be made in minutes. A photograph, 3D mould, printer and these are good to go! It is to be noted that the necessary materials such as 3D mould and heating machine are supplied by the company with the orders.

The Tiny Twin dolls are a clever and intuitive blend of personalization and new-age computing techniques. A nice and creative twist in the doll story, Tiny Twin dolls are an ideal gift and keepsake for all age groups irrespective of the gender. Featuring a vast range of size, colors and themes, the collection is affordable, collect able and innovative. Designed to be a wonderful gift for kids and adults, the face moulds lend these dolls a highly personalized quotient making it a memorable gift to cherish forever. Having a repeat and profit value for distributors, the target audience of this product is wide and includes all.

Tiny Twin Dolls are capable to give distributors year-round business with usual peaks on special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, graduation ceremonies, Halloween and Valentines, said Sing Your Name CEO, Kurt Penberg. Distributors can cash on the local occasions and enhance their business through the product.

Additionally, Sing Your Name Gold package was also launched for the chosen distributors to facilitate them to have a recession-proof business advantage and help them in mass-marketing with the help of company. Along with this Tiny Twin Bumper package is also being offered to a select few to help budding entrepreneurs start their business from day 1. It includes Tiny Twin dolls, mould, heating machines as well as interactive and personalized Sing My Name music CD burns, DVD burns and story book burns.
Apart from this, personalized children music products and edutainment initiatives were detailed too. Kid-appropriate and kid-friendly, the product catalogue of Sing Your Name is extensive and complete value for money.

The product portfolio of Sing Your Name boasts of personalized children music CD of 12 professionally written and recorded songs, stuffed toys, personalized alarm clocks, printed products, Care Bear music collection, Marvel superhero collection, Barney and Bob the builder music CDs.
About the company

Once started with a single cart of 85 titles, kurt penberg now has a full-fledged product lineup designed exclusively for kids. It is the brainchild of Kurt Penberg and has successfully fulfilled the need of sensible and kids-appropriate entertainment for kids. It is located in California and has Small Business Opportunities around the world. The product portfolio comprises 11 non-licensed Personalized Children Music albums, 4 non-licensed story books and products in different languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.

Under the helm of able leadership and mastermind, the company is delivering new personalized products especially engineered and crafted for kids of all age-groups.

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