Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Let’s Make Learning Fun with Kurt Penberg and Sing Your Name

Let’s Make Learning Fun with Kurt Penberg and Sing Your Name

When the concept of providing fun-education for kids was in its nascent stage, Kurt Penberg had already launched his own version of providing learning for them in a really unconventional yet stronger way.  

Based on the idea that kids’ learning should be fun, kids-appropriate and not cumbersome, Kurt Penberg developed personalized children music, interactive CD story books, personalized poems and growth charts.
What started as a single cart and with only 850 different names has now evolved to be a revolutionary concept in kids’ education and entertainment in the form of Sing Your Name. The largest-ever assortment of personalized children gifts and music is just a few clicks away here.

In personalized children gifts, you get world’s very first and only singing alarm clock that would wake your kid by singing his name! This list of firsts also includes personalized printed products and sing- my- name stuffed animals. 

 You can also browse through for the exclusive portfolio of personalized Marvel Superheroes, Barney & Bob the builder and Care Bear music collection.  The personalized songs and story books for kids are available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish language.  Support for Arabic language is underway. 

The interactive story CDs would tell a story referring to your kids’ name and there won’t be any kid who would not be pleased and happy to hear his name in poems and songs! Moreover, these personalized children gifts give kids a sense of belongingness and teach them to value stuff. 

Kids are very impressionable. You would not want to ruin their innocence through action-packed games or turn them away from education due to traditional and dull education system. So, why not let them give this wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge while having fun and without realizing that they are actually learning through the entire process. From alphabets to numbers and rhymes, let them excel in everything through personalized songs designed and meant for kids. The music of CDs is soft against ears, sensible and kid-friendly. 

Sing Your Name is an opportunity to give your kids a wonderful start with computing too. Rather than letting your kids hooked on to the internet for random picks, you can give the technology a new meaning altogether with the interactive and educating CDs and DVDs.  

Give your kids’ elementary school preparation right away with personalized children gifts available here.  The world of joyful learning waits for your kid at Sing Your Name. Whether you are looking for a gift for your kid or your relative’s, do not look beyond than this. An ideal place to find fun, joy and happiness for your kid and ensure that they never lose their interest in study! After all, well begun is half done!